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What do our Clients have to say?
[testimonial_slider][testimonial client_name=”Lisa Surowiec” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”“Being students at SGU, we did not know where to start when it came to moving off campus. However, Copal eased our minds in the search for an apartment. They took into consideration what we wanted out of an apartment such as the amenities, our budget, and the distance from school. They gave us plenty of options and were diligent on helping us find what we were looking for. Not only are the realtors helpful through the entire process, their app and Facebook page are updated with pictures and descriptions regularly and provide all the information needed. Copal made this transition process as easy as possible, which is greatly appreciated given the stresses we endure while going to school. I recommend their services without any hesitation.
-Lisa Surowiec
Medical School at SGU“” testimonial_type=”2″][testimonial client_name=”Miya Sp” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”“I am new to the island and Copal has helped me out a lot since I have been here. When I was looking for an apartment they did not hesitate to help me look and answer any questions I had regarding the property. They sent WhatsApp videos of the apartment and the surrounding property. When I arrived to Grenada David and his colleague Jerral met me at the airport and went to the apartment. They showed me around and even took me to Digicel to get a phone. After we took a mini tour of the area and the mall. Afterwards, we went back to the apartment and headed out to SGU and showed me around the school and the bus terminal there. The next day I locked myself out of the apartment and they were there to help as well. I would recommend Copal to anyone looking for an apartment. To first timers in Grenada, locals, or people who have been here for awhile. They are a great company.“” testimonial_type=”2″][testimonial client_name=”Yary Martinez” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”“I have nothing but good things to say about the Copal team; being in a different country isn’t easy, much less trying to find an apartment. They listened carefully to what my roommate and I were looking for in an apartment, picked us up and had several viewings scheduled for us. They made the process very easy and answered any and all questions we had along the way. Truly appreciate their work and dedication“” testimonial_type=”2″][testimonial client_name=”Jan Wei” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”“This review is for David from Copal.
He showed me 3 apartments and all 3 units matched to the pictures and descriptions on Copal app. He was very friendly and professional through out the process. I thought what standout was how informative he was about the apartments, landlords, and the neighborhood. Although, I ended up not leasing from Copal but that was because I was fortunate to found another unit that was walking distance to campus. I didn’t want to take the bus. Therefore, I will still recommend to anyone to contact David from Copal and showcase apartments to you. He has plenty of apartments that are pet friendly and well within the reasonable price and on bus routes.
Overall rating for David 5/5. – Jan“” testimonial_type=”2″][testimonial client_name=”Javier Vargas Jr.” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”“I used Copal to find and contract with my current apartment. Lincoln Jerome was prompt, professional, knowledgeable and proactive.

Lincoln walked me through the whole process from picking me up from campus, taking to various pre-selected apartments to signing day. Communication with him was always prompt and consistent. He was always professional and understood my needs and budget. I recommend using Copal to find your next apartment and I recommend doing so with the help of Lincoln“” testimonial_type=”2″][/testimonial_slider]

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