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Live off St. George’s University’s (SGU) campus

Posted by Admin on September 12, 2017

6 major benefits to Live off St. George’s university’s (SGU) campus

Most students choose to live off St. Georges university’s (SGU) campus after their first and/or second term of having on-campus accommodation. In Grenada, mostly in the Southern part of the Island (St. George), Off-campus student housing is a hot commodity and so, more investors are getting into the rental business creating a wider variety of apartments for students to choose from. In addition to that, most would prefer to focus on their studies and avoid the uncertainty of being eligible for on-campus accommodation after entering the SGU housing lottery.

Our experienced team at Copal Real Estate are aware of the challenges one may face in finding a place and for such reasons we created three platforms (Facebook, mobile application and website) by which students can gain full access to our listings, on the go and in their spare time.

Here are some benefits of living off-campus:


If you’re one of the lucky ones who happens to live in a campus dorm where a kitchen is available, congrats! But is it everything you hoped for? Do you often times have to wait for the person in front of you to finish using the kitchen sink? Or the other person using the stove and having trouble cooking Grenada’s national dish oil down?

As a commuter, you’ll always have access to your own kitchen. You won’t have to worry about going to your local dining hall or waiting to use the oven in an on-campus kitchen. Instead, you can bring out your inner-Martha Stewart and cook yourself something delicious (well, at least you can try).

In addition, you can have the luxury of finding an apartment near to banks, local restaurants (Aquarium, Le-chateau, Umbrellas etc.) and supermarkets like Food Fair and Real Value/ IGA. This sometimes makes life a lot easier not being dependent on the school’s transportation.

Alone time (Privacy)

Having a designated area that is all yours is perfect for much-needed seclusion from time-to-time and studying for your biggest exams.

As some may know, university can be a little stressful.  Sometimes, all a person wants is a little alone time. Having your own room that you can escape to isn’t always available to students who live on campus.

Your own place can also be a peaceful, heavenly like location with a great view perfect for studying or just to clear your head after an exam. While the library is usually the ideal location to write that 15-page research paper or cram for your test next weekend, you might find yourself more productive at your own desk in your own space.

Saves you money

On campus living is often touted as being the affordable option — but, in fact, it’s often more expensive for less. Cheaper is better! In comparison to the size of the dorms on-campus, you can easily find an apartment off-campus, double the size, with a pool, amazing view, walking distance to Campus and/or on the bus route for half the cost. Now you understand why I said cheaper is better. Most University attendees rely on either student loans, financial aids or scholarships as means of funding. So, why not get value for less money.

More flexible roommate choices

Whether you plan on leasing with 1 or 5 other mates, which some students do, when you live off-campus you have the luxury of choosing your own roommate(s), which typically equals better chemistry.
When living on-campus you play roommate roulette, and anything can happen.

Summer housing/Less moving

When you live in an on-campus accommodation you have to move out at the end of each semester. With your own place, you can stay as long as the lease allows with the option of renewing at the end of the period. No worrying with storing your stuff for the summer, finding summer housing or packing up everything you own every five/ six months.


Those are the 6 major reasons why  a future doctor should live off St. Georges university’s (SGU) campus.


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