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Antiques and Artifacts: Grenada’s untarnished Forts and Museums

Posted by Admin on June 22, 2023

Grenada is well known for its rich history and events such as several changes of rule from the French to the English that have left the island with fascinating historic artifacts and historic events. Such occurrences have enabled the island to create a distinct culture and heritage. History enthusiasts will appreciate the buildings and apparatus built many years ago, as well as the stories and tales that accompany them. 

Fort Matthew  

A relic rich in history, from being a battleground to an insane asylum, and is now a lasting tribute to the Grenadian people’s conflict. Visitors can tour blocks of underground cells, tunnels, and the 18th-century architecture of the army kitchens and bathrooms. Located on Richmond Hill, the structure provides views of the Melville Street Cruise Port, St. George’s University, the Carenage, and other sites. 

Fort George 

Fort George, built on a hilltop near the capital’s harbor, currently serves as the police headquarters. The French established the fort in the 18th century, and the colonial structure is still intact, including corridors and stairs featuring ancient stone fortifications. The courtyard is open to visitors, and the upper level features a battery of historic cannons and beautiful views of the cruise port and Carenage surrounding. 

Grenada National Museum 

The Grenada National Museum, located in St. George, showcases Grenadian historical relics and exhibitions. Slavery, first occupants, plantation economy, whaling and fishing archaeology, and early transport and technology are among the exhibits on display. Weekly live cultural events at the museum include jazz, dancing, drumming, singing, and poetry. 

Rome Museum 

The Rome Museum, located in St. Andrew’s, is an exhibition of how the rural poor lived roughly a half-century ago. The compact museum houses unique objects such as a clay earth oven, a handmade cane juice extractor, a copper slate, a yo-yo made of mango seeds, and much more. Mr. Rome also has demonstrations and encourages guests to join in. 

Underwater Sculpture Park 

The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada’s Molinere-Beauséjour Marine Reserve is a snorkeling and diving destination with an underwater gallery of sculptures. Jason de Caires Taylor, a renowned sculptor, created an installation that not only portrays Grenada’s culture but also functions as an artificial reef. Visiting the sculpture park is intended to remind visitors of how important it is to protect and conserve marine habitats and is an excellent place to reconnect with nature. 

Exploring Grenada’s past allows visitors to experience both French and English influences, see architecture dating back hundreds of years, and interact with one-of-a-kind displays and exhibitions found only on the island.   

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