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Best Beaches in Grenada (World Renowned)

Posted by Admin on May 20, 2023

Crystal-clear waters, dazzling white sand, rustling palm and coconut trees, and picturesque views are just a few of the pleasures available at Grenada’s beaches. It’s no secret that Grenada has world-class beaches, with one of its beaches consistently ranking at the top of the world’s greatest beaches lists. Whether you’re looking for a secluded, quiet beach to escape the hustle and bustle, a vibrant beach full of fun water sports and activities, or perhaps you’re a St. George’s University student looking for a relaxing study area, our carefully chosen list of beaches is sure to provide the right beach for every beach lover. 

Grand Anse Beach 

Grand Anse Beach, located in the southern portion of the island and accessible by the Grand Anse main road, is undoubtedly Grenada’s most popular beach. This beach was once rated the best beach in the world by the internationally renowned Condé Nast Traveller UK. Grand Anse Beach features two miles of silky, white sand and crystal clear, turquoise waters. Given the length of this beach, there is bound to be a lot to see and do, from spectacular hotels spanning the beach to local bars and restaurants to a variety of water sport activities. Simply looking to unwind? Relax on a beach chair at any point along the beach and enjoy the scenic view of Grenada’s capital.  

Morne Rouge Beach 

Morne Rouge Beach, also known as BBC Beach, is a half-mile-long quiet beach nestled within a crescent-shaped bay. This beach is recognized as one of the quietest and calmest on the island and is the perfect destination for anyone wishing to get away from the crowds and enjoy a tranquil, serene atmosphere. The waters are shallow and peaceful, which complements the relaxing setting and makes it ideal for excursions with the family.  

Magazine Beach 

A magnificent stretch of white sand beach in the island’s south, tucked behind the Maurice Bishop International Airport. It has a beautiful view and is ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling, and swimming. Even though there are resorts, recreational activities, and a popular restaurant on the beach, it is still quaint and relaxing. 

Grooms Beach/Porteci Beach 

Considering these two beaches close proximity, they are combined into one entry. These two quaint beaches, located 5 minutes from the airport, offer seclusion, privacy, and vibrant tropical décor and are great spots for snorkeling. A trail leads straight ahead from the entrance road to Porteci beach, which has a unique rock formation and peaks into one of the boutique hotels. Grooms Beach is located to the left of the entrance road and boasts a unique layout and tropical environment. 

Lance Aux Epines Beach 

Despite being one of the smaller beaches on this list, it nevertheless has a fantastic view and offers shallow waters, seclusion, and privacy. It is located in front of lovely cottages and villas, and its sheltered bay is ideal for swimming. 

The beaches on this list will undoubtedly fulfill any beachgoer’s desire, so grab some sunscreen and water and prepare to be impressed by what these beaches have to offer. 

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