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Hidden Gems: Grenada’s Private Beaches You’ve Never Heard Of

Posted by Admin on May 20, 2023

Looking to avoid the more popular beaches? Be assured that Grenada has lots of hidden jewels waiting to be encountered by the adventurous soul. These beaches are not located near the capital, but rather in distant parishes, sometimes far from suburban or densely populated areas. If you’re down to take a break from studying for SGU’s upcoming exams or simply ready to discover something new, visit one of the beaches listed below. 

Black Bay Beach 

Black Bay Beach located in St. John is one of the most unique beaches on the island, distinguished by its black sand as opposed to the typical white sand beaches found throughout the island. The beach is a 20-minute stroll from the main road in Concord, through a magnificent, forested area rich in historic culture and ruins such as an old sugar mill. A cave with historic Amerindian markings is also nearby, making this beach ideal for adventure seekers. 

La Sagesse Beach 

An isolated beach located in St. David’s about 10 minutes from the main road, ideal for those seeking a charming, private, tropical atmosphere, as evidenced by the Sunday Times ranking it the third most tropical beach. The beach is rarely crowded, allowing tourists to enjoy the long stretch of brilliant white sand and shallow waters of the Atlantic coast. There is no other escape like La Sagesse Beach, which features the most gorgeous characteristics such as palm trees hanging low over the turquoise seas and romantic views. 

Bathway Beach 

This beach, located to the North of the island, is a socializing location, with adjacent bars and food stops, making it ideal for persons wishing to venture outside of the capital but still looking forward to enjoying attractions. Visitors are cautioned not to venture too far out into the ocean due to strong currents, but they can enjoy the waters within the reef barrier. Even though the surrounding area is active, the stretch of the beach is normally peaceful and private. 

Levera Beach 

A relatively quiet beach to the north of the island with a stunning view of Sugarloaf, Sandy Island, and Green Island, as well as a couple of the Grenadines, along with a tranquil ambiance. This beach is ideal for those looking for a pristine beach with long lengths of white sand and is ideal for leisurely strolls. The beach is closed at night (6 pm to 6 am) from March to August each year to allow for the leatherback turtle nesting season, although a permit pass and guided tour can be obtained from SPECTO to enjoy this phenomenon. 

Breakwater Beach 

This beach, located in the heart of Sauteurs, St. Patrick’s, is usually only visited by residents of the community. The breakwater structure built on the beach gives the beach its name, contributing to its uniqueness. This beach is undoubtedly a hidden gem worth discovering. 


When it comes to hidden beaches in Grenada, this list is only the tip of the iceberg. If you’re searching for unheard gems, your best chance is to venture outside of the capital, as there is a beach practically in every corner of the island. 

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