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Majestic Falls: Five of Grenada’s Best Waterfalls

Posted by Admin on May 25, 2023

Grenada is an adventurer’s dream, with many different treks, hikes, and stunning waterfalls. In truth, one does not have to venture far to enjoy a magnificent waterfall experience. There are adventurous waterfall excursions that involve hiking and trail walking, but there are also shorter journeys that merely require a peaceful drive. You might even come across the courageous waterfall jumpers, who plunge from the top of the falls into the pool of water below. So, instead of contemplating what to do on those boring weekends, take a break from studying for your SGU exams or completing weekend chores and gather some friends and family for an expedition. 


Annandale Falls is one of the easiest falls to find in Grenada, and it is just about 20 minutes from the town of St.George. It is ideal for those who want to view a spectacular waterfall without any hikes and treks. The falls are surrounded by rich green foliage such as ferns, and tourists can even dip in the enticing waters. The Wild Orchid Restaurant, perched atop, offers a wide range of meals and beverages as well as a stunning view of the falls. 


Concord Falls, about 30 minutes from the capital, features three different falls, with the first of the three being the easiest to access. Tour buses often transport visitors via a lovely rainforest drive. The first is near the end of the road, with surrounding facilities, bars, stalls, and viewing platforms. The second and third waterfalls, Au Coin and Fountainbleu require a hike. Au Coin is a 45-minute climb through an old nutmeg plantation, and Fountainbleu, considered to be the most beautiful of the three falls, is an additional 2-hour hike.  

Royal Mt. Carmel 

Mt. Carmel is a waterfall located on the east side of the island. There are a few ways to get to the falls, with the simplest being the St. David’s route, which takes visitors directly to the front of the entrance leading to a short walk along a marked-out trail. Visitors can also opt for a different route, a 30-minute hike through a private plantation which is a nature lovers’ dream. Mt. Carmel is the highest waterfall in Grenada and it is typically not tourist filled nor is it surrounded by vendors; therefore, it is usually peaceful. A nearby natural “waterslide” with a wide pool of water to splash into is also part of the attraction. 

Seven Sisters 

Seven Sisters Waterfall is located within the Grand Etang rainforest and gets its name from the seven separate waterfalls in the area. The first and second waterfalls are the easiest to reach, while the remaining sisters require a more difficult hike. This group of waterfalls is well-known for its scenic appeal. 

Golden Falls 

Golden Falls, located in Mount Horne, is one of the most difficult falls to reach on our list, and a tour guide is required. Prepare to balance on beams, swing across ropes, and walk in the water and across narrow ledges however the reward is worth it as the sulphuric waterfall has both a separate hot and cold cascade.  

Tour guides or anyone eager to help or give instructions should not be too far away from each sight, but planning ahead of time is also encouraged. Nature tour agencies or operators, such as Nature Lovers Tours, are available on the island to guide visitors through the challenging landscape. 

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